Anton Pirker

Senior Software Engineer


Anton is a software engineer from Vienna, Austria. Python makes him smile. Besides software he likes tinkering with and riding bikes.


One of Sentries core company values is “for every developer”. We want to support every developer out there with our tools. But not every developer uses the newest or widely adopted tech stack, so we also try to support older versions of libraries and frameworks. To make sure that our SDK works correctly we have around 450 automated tests in our test suite that run for each change we make to the SDK.
Relay is an open source project by Sentry that receives data from Sentry SDKs for pre-processing. We wanted to make Relay behave like an AWS Lambda Extension moving our service closer to your code, and decreasing the latency of your Lambda functions. In this blog post, I’ll share how we used the actor model to set up Relay to behave like a Lambda Extension.