Evan Purkhiser

Senior Software Engineer


Evan Purkhiser is a software engineer who is passionate about building high quality systems, tools, and applications. He is continually striving to build something he's proud of, something he knows he didn’t take shortcuts on, and something worth sharing. He has a deep appreciation for modern design aesthetics and robust interaction design. The melding of form and function is his holy grail.


Scaling Cron Monitoring

We just surpassed over 7 million check-ins per day. Let's talk about what it took to go from prototype to production ready cron monitoring.
At its core, Sentry is a tool that alerts you to defects in your production software. But it does more than blast stack traces into your inbox: Sentry provides powerful workflows to help your team determine root cause, triage issues to your team, and keep tabs on ongoing concerns with comments and notifications. At the end of 2019, the Growth team made it our mission to make it easier for our users to invite their teammates to join them on Sentry. Our theory: improving the user experience of inviting users, as well as democratizing the process to include all team members would lead to a significant increase in team-wide adoption. (Narrator: it did.)